Everything You Need to Know About Study in Switzerland

Switzerland has a ton of top-ranking universities that offer study programs for students all over the world. From hospitality to international politics and banking to culinary arts, there is a wide range of courses students can opt for as per their interests. Keep in mind that the cost of living and requirements could be an obstacle but this must stop you from pursuing your dream of studying in Switzerland. There are many universities that are not so popular but are equally good that you can afford to study in Switzerland. This does not only give you a world-class education but also offers a chance to indulge in cultural experiences of the country.

Read more about why you should choose Switzerland, top universities, courses offered, and cost of living below.

Why study in Switzerland?

Besides Swiss chocolates and cheese, Switzerland is known for some of the best universities in the world. If you are confused about studying in Switzerland, here are some reasons you must consider for pursuing higher studies in Switzerland -

  1. Switzerland has one of the most powerful economies in the world, even though it has only around 8 million (80 lakhs) population.
  2. This country is known all over the world for its education system. This is quite evident by the awards Switzerland has won over the past century.
  3. People here are warm-hearted and polite, and will always offer a helping hand.
  4. Switzerland is one of the safest places in the world and has low crime rates. Thus, you can study and live in a safe and secure environment.
  5. Switzerland has breathtaking landscapes and jaw-dropping locales that will keep your eyes soothed. You can indulge in hikes, trekking, and enjoy admiring the natural beauty of the country.
  6. The country is bordered by Germany, France, Austria, Italy, and Liechtenstein, which gives you a chance to travel around Europe.

Switzerland’s Education System

There are many universities in Switzerland you can choose to study at. For instance, you have a regular university where you can get basic experience. Then there is the University Applied Science or arts, which offers experience-oriented studies and lastly, there university of teacher education that is specifically for students who want to study lectureship.

Depending on the type of university you pick, the requirements will vary. So, getting into a regular Swiss university will be more difficult than the applied science one. To make this process easier, you need a general higher education entrance qualification. Remember that every university in Switzerland has its own terms. And in some cases, you might need to give an entrance exam before they accept your application. This is applicable only if the school certificate is not enough.

In addition to this, there are over 3,000 degree programs with 700 in English that you can enroll in. However, there are certain courses like medicine, for which you will have special requirements. In case you want to pursue your master’s degree from Switzerland, you must have a bachelor’s degree and some universities might even require your CV and motivational letter.

You must remember that because Switzerland offers state-of-the-art facilities and a safe environment to students plus high-level education, they expect a lot from students in return. You must need to work hard and be determined in order to fulfill the dream of studying in Switzerland.

Top Universities and Courses to Study in Switzerland

If you are thinking of studying in Switzerland, then here is the list of top Swiss universities and courses they are popularly known for. This will help you in picking the university as per your interest -

  • International University of Geneva - Bachelor and Master’s of Business Administration
  • Business and Hotel Management School of Switzerland - BA in Hotel and Hospitality Management, MS in International Hospitality Business Management
  • University of Geneva - English and French master’s programs, doctoral programs
  • University of Bern - Bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine
  • University of Basel - Bachelor and master’s degree programs in mathematics, history, etc.
  • University of Lausanne - Master’s degree in Biology and Business and Economics
  • University of Zurich - Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics
Cost of Studying in Switzerland

Overall, Switzerland is an expensive country to live or study in. As you may or may not already know, cities of Switzerland like Bern, Zurich, Geneva, and Basel are some of the most expensive places in Europe. So, there are many factors that will add to the cost of studying in Switzerland.

Depending on the type of place you live in, like a dormitory, a shared apartment, or a place of your own, the rent will vary. You can save some pennies by living outside the big cities and commuting to your university by bus, train, or tram. The transportation system in Switzerland is also great and there will not be a problem.

For groceries, the cost is higher in comparison to other European countries. So, make sure to cook something rather than go out to eat every single day. Apart from all this, the cost of universities in Switzerland will vary.

If you want to find out the cost of living and studying in Switzerland, contact Superb Study Abroad today. Our experienced executives will clear all your doubts and help you decide to pick the best universities as per the courses you are looking to study in Switzerland. Plus, get complete information on how to apply to the Swiss universities and job opportunities you can get.

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