Masters in Business Administration in Switzerland

Besides The Alps, Swiss Chocolates, breathtaking landscapes, and scenic water-bodies, Switzerland has a lot to offer. Pave the way towards a brighter future as Switzerland offers some of the top universities for studying MBA. Well known for its advanced business education system, Switzerland possesses world-class universities like IMD Business School, University of Lausanne, University of Geneva, ETH Zurich, etc.

The country hosts over 100 MBA programs, most of which are available in English, allowing Indian students to make the most of their studies. Being the hub to many multinational corporations and international organizations, opportunities are in abundance. Students are also offered the convenience to study either general business topics or specialized disciplines, such as supply chain, finance, or luxury brand management.

Here is an Overview of Studying MBA in Switzerland -

  • Why is Switzerland a good choice for an MBA?
  • Top MBA Universities in Switzerland
  • Types of MBA available in Switzerland
  • Specialization of the Switzerland Universities
  • Eligibility for studying MBA
  • Documents you need
  • Cost of MBA for Indian Students
  • MBA Scholarships
  • Jobs offered after MBA

Why is Switzerland a good choice for an MBA?

Despite being small in terms of area, Switzerland hosts the highest number of universities among the 100 best as per the Academic Ranking of World Universities (2014-2015). The country hosts world-class universities, all of them are also registered in the Financial Times ranking. Switzerland is also one of the few OECD countries that invests the most in fields of education and research. If we consider per capita GDP, Switzerland ranks in the top 5 countries of the world.

Top MBA Universities in Switzerland

To get quality education at some of the top MBA colleges in Switzerland for Indian students and to get job opportunities at high-ranked companies in the world, here is a list of best colleges in Switzerland for MBA that students from India can apply at -

University / College Location
University of St.GallenSt. Gallen
IMD International Institute for Management DevelopmentLausanne
Business School Lausanne (BSL)Lausanne
Université de Genève – HEC GenèveGeneva
University of ZurichZurich
ETH -ZurichZurich
International University in Geneva (IUG)Geneva
International Institute of Management in Technology, University of FribourgFribourg
The American University in SwitzerlandLa Tour-de-Peilz
Popular MBA programs available in Switzerland

There are many options for students to pick which type of MBA program they want to opt for at different universities. There are many factors students need to consider while choosing MBA Universities as per their career goals, amount of time it takes, cost, and admission prerequisites.

  1. University : University of St. Gallen Switzerland
    • Duration: 12 Months
    • GMAT: No Minimum Requirement | Average GMAT Score 656
    • Work Experience: Minimum 2 Years | Average 6 Years
    • English Proficiency: TOEFL – 80 (IBT) or IELTS – 6.5
  2. University: IMD International Institute for Management Development Switzerland (IMD Switzerland)
    • Duration: 11 Months
    • GMAT: No Minimum Requirement | Average GMAT Score 676
    • Work Experience: Minimum 3 Years | Average 7 Years
    • English Proficiency: TOEFL – 90 (IBT) or IELTS – 7
  3. University: Universities de Geneve – HEC Genève Switzerland (HEC Geneva)
    • Duration: 12 Months
    • GMAT: No Minimum Requirement| Average GMAT Score 500
    • Work Experience: Minimum 3 Years | Average 5 Years
    • English Proficiency: TOEFL – 90 (IBT) or IELTS – 6.5.
  4. University: University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
    • Duration: 18 Months
    • GMAT: Not required but preferred | Average GMAT Score 660
    • Work Experience: Min. 2 Years preferred
    • English Proficiency: TOEFL – 90 (IBT) or IELTS – 6.5
  5. University: ETH –Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Switzerland
    • Duration: 18 Months
    • GMAT: Not Required
    • Work Experience: Minimum 5 Years | Average 7 Years
    • English Proficiency: Not Required
Specialization of the Switzerland Universities

Deciding Universities on basis of specialization offered often help students to develop a specific niche of work. This allows them to make a better understanding of their career choices. To help you narrow down the universities you want to study, take a look at the top universities in Switzerland for MBA and their area of specialization –

  • Banking – EU Business School, IFM Business School
  • Finance - Business School Lausanne (BSL)
  • Entrepreneurship- Université de Genève – HEC Genève, Business School Lausanne (BSL)
  • Information Technology – EU Business School (Geneva)
  • Technology/ Science - University of Zurich, Business School Lausanne (BSL)
  • Engineering – University of St. Gallen
  • Marketing -Marketing - Université de Genève – HEC Genève, The Basel School of Business
Eligibility for studying MBA

For admission at a good university for MBA in Switzerland, you need –

  • 16 years of completed education, which includes 12 years of schooling and 4 years of bachelor’s degree.
  • Good GMAT score. Though, some universities may consider GRE equivalents.
  • To submit proof of language proficiency. This may include the IELTS and TOEFL scores, which should be 6.5 and 100 respectively.
  • Work experience of at least 2 years. This may be different at different universities as per the type of MBA program you choose.
Documents you need

Here is the list of documents universities need from international students -

  • Scanned copy of all the transcripts from the school or college/university you studied, in the English language.
  • The exam scores you need to get admission to a business school from the testing agency.
  • Letters of recommendation, including two academic and one professional.
  • An up-to-date CV with all your skills and work experience you have.
  • A covering letter stating your achievements.
  • Statement of Purpose with a brief explanation of why you want to study a particular program in that particular university.
Cost of MBA for Indian Students in Switzerland

The expenditure for an MBA at Switzerland varies depending on many factors such as University choice, transportation, accommodation, meals, personal expenses, healthcare, etc.

We ensure to help you in finding the best options. So get in touch with SSA for up-to-date & expert counseling.

Scholarships for MBA in Switzerland

The Government of Switzerland offers merit-based scholarships for international students. Furthermore, there are many programs to help the students like Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) Scholarship and Young Swiss Abroad.

Jobs offered after MBA in Switzerland

Since Switzerland is situated at the Heart of Europe, bordering France, Italy, Germany, and Austria, skilled jobs are in plenty. Also, many large corporations such as Nissan, McDonald's, and Google have moved all or part of their European operations to Switzerland.

We at Superb Study Abroad, provide full assistance to students who wish to pursue their lifelong dream of studying MBA in Switzerland. For more details, you may contact Superb Study Abroad and our experienced executives will assist you with the admission process, availability of scholarships, fee structures at different universities, documents required, visa process, etc.

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