Get to Know the University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Dedicated to promote future oriented skill development and high yield teaching formats, The University of Europe for Applied Sciences is an excellent private university situated in Germany. From its establishment in 2017, the university has constantly provided the highest international standards of education and research tailored academic programs. Headquartered at Iserlohn, the UE has further campuses in Hamburg and Berlin. So far the university has accomplished to be ranked as one of the TOP 10 performers of universities in Germany for Business Education. With proper emphasis on teaching, learning, research, knowledge transfer and regional engagement, UE has managed to gain worldwide recognition in rankings from U-Multibank and CHE show. The University of Europe for Applied Sciences is also a part of the Global University Systems group of companies (The GUS group). All the study programmes of UE are approved by the German Ministry of Science, Research and Culture.

Why choose University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) ?

  • Global Education- Get a chance to study in a international classroom through cross border lectures, global projects and students from over 90 countries.
  • High Quality Teaching- Access to newest teaching quantity and research from the university network.
  • Meet your goals – UE aims at reaching your personal and professional aspirations. The Interdisciplinary Exchange at UE is made specially to benefit the students with different interests.
  • Individual Development- Students are encouraged to realise their own initiatives and a special certificate is awarded to them describing their core abilities.
  • Career Focus- Develop extracurricular tasks and professional qualities with the Professional Competence Certificate (PCC) at University of Europe.
  • Legendary Location- Aim to study abroad in Germany, the strongest economy of Europe. The low costs of living and high employability rate is definitely a boon.

Academic Programs offered at UE

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences offers a truly vast horizon of academic courses to choose from. Selecting the right course can be a daunting task. Students are advised to go through self reflection and take proper time before finalising a course. Individual preferences, family circumstances and career goals should be properly analysed before making the decision.

The University of Europe offers an advantage of 3 faculties at one place. A basic introductory information about the courses is provided below.

Art and Design
Course Duration Location
Communication Design6 semestersHamburg, Berlin
Film and Motion Design 6 semesters Hamburg, Berlin
Photography 6 semesters Hamburg, Berlin
Game Design 6 semesters Hamburg, Berlin
Illustration 6 semesters Hamburg, Berlin
New Media Design 3 or 4 semesters Berlin
Photography 4 semesters Berlin
eSports Studies Specialisation Hamburg, Berlin and Iserlohn
Business and Sport
Course Duration Location
Business and Management Studies 6 semesters Hamburg, Berlin and Iserlohn
Sports and Event Management B.Sc. 6 semesters Hamburg, Berlin and Iserlohn
Corporate Management 2,3 or 4 semesters Hamburg, Berlin and Iserlohn
Master is Business Administration Full time 2 semesters Hamburg, Berlin and Iserlohn
International Sport and Event Management MA 3 or 4 semesters Berlin
Marketing Management MA 4 semesters Hamburg and Iserlohn
Football Management Specialisation Hamburg, Berlin and Iserlohn
Tech and Software
Course Duration Location
UX/ UI Design 6 semesters Innovation Hub
Digital Product Management 6 semesters Innovation Hub
Software Engineering B.Sc. 6 semesters Innovation Hub
Digital Business and Data Science B.Sc. 6 semesters Hamburg and Innovation Hub
Digital media and Marketing 6 semesters Hamburg, Innovation Hub and Iserlohn
Visual and Experience Design 2,3 or 4 semesters Innovation Hub
Software Engineering M.Sc. 2,3 or 4 semesters Innovation Hub
Data Science M.Sc. 2,3 or 4 semesters Innovation Hub

Student Services

The Campuses of Berlin,Hamburg and Iserlohn are located in the heart of major cities and offer a chance to choose from unique atmosphere as per individual preference. Students get to choose from the vibrant capital, a northern Germany port city or an American style campus based university.

  1. The Berlin campus offers a international flair with a buzzing hub for innovative individuals. The museums and cafés of the historically rich city never fail to fascinate the curious.
  2. Hamburg is one of the most attractive and has large economic, trade and logistic centers in northwestern Europe.
  3. Situated along the banks of Seilersee, the Iserlohn campus has extensive grounds and has been voted as the 3rd most beautiful campus of Germany.

The campuses have gym facilities and sports varsity for a variety of sports ranging from horse riding, snow skating etc. The library at all campuses of University of Europe of Applied Sciences has specialised academic publications. The University also has modern services of Darkroom, Teleprompter and LED, sound studio, screen printing workshop, motion design Lab etc.

Scholarship Programmes and Financial Aid

A UE scholarship is not only a monetary gain but also adds to the CV of the students towards future employers. Students are required to submit a creative portfolio or creative online portfolio to apply for the scholarship. There are many programs to assist the students financially, some of which are mentioned below-

  • Digital Pioneers Scholarship – For Creative Computing M.Sc., Software Engineering M.Sc., Software Engineering B.Sc.
  • Hamburg International Scholarship- For Business and Management Studies B.Sc., Digital Media and Marketing B.Sc., Sport and Event Management B.Sc.
  • Young Entrepreneur’s Scholarships
  • Creative Minds Scholarship Berlin
  • Cultural Diversity Scholarship
  • SherrylKintu Scholarship
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