Study Abroad In Canada – Bachelors Degree & Undergraduate Courses

Are you interested in a bachelor’s degree in Canada? Take a leap towards your aspirations as we discuss the merits of a bachelor’s degree in Canada. The country of maple syrup, Niagara Falls, and astonishing weather have always been a top priority of international students. Studying in Canada is much more than academics but it rather is an unmemorable experience with world-class education, best universities, site seeing and a brimming cup of opportunities. The second-largest country in the world offers the students a chance to uncover an unexplored world.

Overview of Graduate Courses in Canada

  • Top Reasons to choose Canada for higher education
  • Popular Bachelors Programs and Diplomas in Canada
  • Academic Intakes
  • Scholarships available for Indian Students
  • Cost of Undergrad Studies in Canada
  • Job Opportunities and Future Perspectives
  • Turn your Dreams into reality with Superb Study Abroad

Top Reasons to choose Canada for your Higher Education

  • Best educational institutions- Canada is the most educated country in the world and hosts some top Universities like The Toronto University, McGill University, The University of British Columbia etc. Three Canadian universities have constantly been ranked as the best by the QS World rankings and The Financial Times Higher Education Rankings.
  • Affordable costs of education- The tuition fee of most Canadian Universities are extremely less and it is the major reason why Canada has always been the best preference among Indian students.
  • Highly Recognised degrees- The degrees by the Canadian universities are accepted and highly reputed around the world due to their tradition of excellence in the field of academics.
  • Plenty of Opportunities for research-The education system in Canada is highly career-oriented and thus helping the students to deal with practical problems. The government puts great emphasis on higher education and has always supported research in various fields.
  • Friendly people and culture – The people of Canada are known for their hospitality and warm nature. Students get to experience an amazing culture with a balance of work and pleasure.

Popular bachelors programs and Diplomas in Canada

In Canada the duration of an undergraduate degree is generally 3 to 5 years and students can enroll after completion of their high school or Class 12. Due to the vast number of courses available, students generally find themselves confused but don’t worry our executives at Superb Study Abroad have created a list of top programs that Indian students can apply to. Some popular diploma courses are also included.

Program/ CourseName of University Duration
B.Sc. Human Nutritional SciencesUniversity of Manitoba4 years
B.Sc. NursingTrent University 4 years
B.A. Psychology University of Winnipeg3 years
Bachelors of mechanical engineering University of New Brunswick2 years
Chemical EngineeringMcGill University 4 years
B.B.A. Accounting Yorkville University 2.5 years
B.B.A. Management and finance University of Toronto4 years
Early childhood education and care (Diploma)St. Clair College2 years
Business Studies (Diploma)Vancouver Island University1 year
Hairstylist (Diploma) Lambton College1 year
Academic Intakes

The most popular intake in the Canadian universities in the fall intake which is from the month of September to December. Most of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses begin during this time of the year. However few universities also have intake sessions from January to May and a few handfuls of courses (generally Diplomas) begin their academic session in the Summer Intake from May to August.

The Best student cities for a bachelors in Canada-
Name of CityQS Ranking for student friendly Cities
Montreal 4
Toronto 13
Vancouver 17
Scholarships Available for Indian Students

There are a variety of scholarship programs based on academics, extracurricular performance, and financial conditions. These programs are either run by the Government of Canada, individual universities, or by other organizations. Here is a list of some popular scholarship programs that Indian students can apply to

  • Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program
  • Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award (ILOT)
  • Carleton University Entrance Scholarship for International Students
  • York University International Students Scholarship
  • Queen’s University Principal’s International Scholarship
Cost of Undergrad Studies in Canada

The costs of a bachelors in Canada varies depending upon the program, the university is chosen, city of preference, accommodation, food, transportation etc. Most of the universities are run by the Canadian government so their tuition fee is less as compared to those of private institutions.

Job Opportunities and Future Perspectives

Canada is a developed nation with a major emphasis on industry and technology. Those pursuing a bachelor's from Canada are rewarded with an ample number of job opportunities to make a golden future. Strategic ties with the United States also provide many work opportunities. Top companies like Shopify, Blackberry, Bank of Montreal, Amazon, Facebook etc. are keen to hire graduates from Canadian universities. During the course of their education students are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week. Getting a post-study work visa is relatively easier in Canada as compared to the rest of the world. Once settled, students are eligible to apply for a Permanent Residency Certificate of Canada.

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