Scholarship Guidance

We know the value of money spent. That's why our experts try their best to get students some form of financial aid, like tuition fee bursaries, different scholarships, application fee waivers. The processes are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of the University. However, candidates with excellent academics, good performance, and extra-curricular activities are eligible for scholarship awards. At S.S.A, we try our best possible effort to help deserving candidates for scholarships and other financial assistance. In addition, we highlight those specific programs that have internship options, industrial placements to help students financially.

Following are some of the scholarships are mentioned below:

  1. 1. Notre Dame Scholarship.
  2. 2. Tasmanian International Scholarship.
  3. 3. Sydney Achievers International Scholarship.
  4. 4. Rhodes scholarship.
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