Build you international career with an MBA in Cyprus!

Universities in Cyprus are dedicated to meeting worldwide standards for high-quality education. Students pursuing an MBA in Cyprus will benefit from a multicultural environment, diversified student population and staff, intellectually engaging ambiance, warm climate, beautiful beaches, and bustling nightlife, in addition to a superb education and top-notch faculty. Students from all around the world have selected Cyprus to pursue their MBA.

MBA programmes in Cyprus encourage business innovation and creativity by forcing students to think critically and strategically. Faculty members assist students in putting business theories into reality in courses such as marketing, management, accounting, finance, and information technology. MBA universities in Cyprus not only equip students with a strong business foundation, but they also encourage professional growth.

Here is an Overview of Studying MBA in Cyprus-

  • Why Study in Cyprus?
  • MBA programs in Cyprus
  • Documents needed for MBA programs
  • Scholarships for MBA in Cyprus for international students
  • Living Expenses in Cyprus
  • Jobs offered after MBA in Cyprus

Why Study in Cyprus?

The universities in Cyprus provide high-quality higher education, and the country has undertaken steps to boost research, funding, and interest in higher education. The country offers best universities in Cyprus for MBA that are recognised around the world. For examinations like the TOEFL and IELTS, students do not need to prove any English proficiency scores. It has reasonably priced tuition and moderate living costs. The visa application process is also simple. Cyprus offers great student amenities, including cultural, social, and sporting activities. In addition, there are a range of groups in Cyprus that assist students explore their interests, such as technology clubs, scientific clubs, sports clubs, photography clubs, and so on.

MBA programs in Cyprus

A high-quality MBA degree with international recognition is highly demanded. It's a blessing that this can be done in a safe, welcoming, and economical location like Cyprus. The MBA in Cyprus for Indian students are very popular among overseas students. The following are some of the MBA programmes available in Cyprus :

  • European University Cyprus (EUC), Nicosia, Cyprus :

    This programme is designed for people who wish to learn management, marketing, strategy, leadership, innovation, finance, and other related skills. This curriculum equips senior executives with analytic skills, communication strategies, and information technology understanding. Individuals who complete the programme are constantly ready to push the frontiers of business with their entrepreneurial passion. In an almost unprecedented fashion, this programme stimulates productivity, creativity, and invention. This curriculum promotes the moral, ethical, and social traits of its participants using business knowledge.
  • University of Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus :

    The programme is well-known for being up-to-date with modern business practises. As a result, it includes the modern training that is essential for businesspeople who want to succeed in current environment. It's difficult to deal with the issues and uncertainties of company in a globally competitive market. This is precisely the problem that this programme tries to address. The goal of this curriculum is to develop competent leaders with strategic, analytic, and experimental business expertise. Graduates of this curriculum hold some of the most prestigious honours and positions in the corporate world today, both locally and internationally.
  • Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM), Nicosia, Cyprus :

    This programme is one of the best in Cyprus for its quality and affordability. The curriculum offers a wealth of chances for business enthusiasts as well as a large network of business acquaintances. This curriculum is nationally and globally accredited, and it is in the top 1% of MBA programmes worldwide. The fascinating thing about this programme is that there is no application deadline, so candidates can enrol at any time and begin right away.
  • The Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM), Nicosia, Cyprus :

    This programme is for candidates who desire to pursue a managerial career. The programme teaches the fundamentals of managerial concepts, tactics, and methodologies, preparing them to be excellent analyzers of managing responsibilities. This curriculum includes an internship as well as work opportunities to help students become more approachable to potential employers. The programme lasts one year and two months.
  • Neapolis University Pafos, Paphos, Cyprus :

    This MBA programme focuses on hotel management, tourist economics, marketing, and communication for its students. Today, understanding the structure of tourism in the context of economics is highly regarded. The MBA programme is exclusively for people who wish to succeed in the tourist business, which is a field that never goes out of style. The programme lasts two years and ensures that its participants have a bright future.
Documents needed for MBA programs

Below is the list of documents universities need from international students -

  • Scanned copy of all the transcripts from the school or college/university you studied, in the English language.
  • The exam scores you need to get admission to a business school from the testing agency.
  • Letters of recommendation, including two academic and one professional.
  • An up-to-date CV with all your skills and work experience you have.
  • A cover letter stating your achievements.
  • Statement of Purpose with a brief explanation of why you want to study a particular program in that particular university.
Scholarships for MBA in Cyprus for international students

Scholarships are available to international students in Cyprus based on their academic background, requirements, and future potential. If you intend to take an MBA in Cyprus, check out the following scholarships for students:

  • Cyprus International Institute of Management Scholarships
  • Forte Fellows Program
  • AMBA 50th Anniversary Scholarships
  • CYTA – CIIM Scholarships
  • There are also universities that provide scholarships for international students that are fully funded. Here are those universities:
  • European University Cyprus (EUC)
  • University of Cyprus (UCY)
  • University of Nicosia (UNIC)
Living Expenses in Cyprus

The majority of best universities in Cyprus for MBA have their own hostels. This is usually affordable, and it is less expensive than renting an apartment individually. Many institutions will assist students in finding inexpensive and safe housing if necessary.

Working while studying is a great option to pay for both your education and your living expenses. However, there are restrictions on the number of hours a non-resident can work. This means that working to pay for your studies and living expenses in Cyprus is not a feasible alternative.

Jobs offered after MBA in Cyprus

After completing your MBA, you will be able to get work depending on the university you studied. Individuals consider an MBA to be a great approach to advance their careers. It's because best universities in Cyprus for MBA provide opportunity to work for reputable multinational companies. Perhaps this is why the country has always been a fascination for students from throughout the world. One of the most important things that helps graduate schools in Cyprus stand out from the crowd is the employment rate for MBA graduates, which is as high as 95%.

Cyprus consists of the best universities for MBA around the world. Even in the rankings, we noticed that all the top places were held by the universities of this country. Also, the work culture, environment lifestyle for students is a delight in Cyprus.

We at Superb Study Abroad, provide full assistance to students who wish to pursue their lifelong dream of studying MBA in Cyprus. For more details, you may contact Superb Study Abroad and our experienced executives will assist you about the admission process, availability of scholarships, fee structures at different universities, documents required, visa process, etc.

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