Complete Guide for Studying Masters in USA (MS in USA)

Whether you want to pursue Masters in IT, in Business and Management, in Computer, or in Engineering, there are some of the best universities in USA for masters degree. In fact, 70% of the master’s universities in USA are recognized around the world and are ranked among the top worldwide.

Offering world-class technology, top-notch faculty, and cultural exposure, Masters in USA for Indian Students will mainly provide your STEM education, i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management. But before you apply for a Masters in USA, you must have 16 years of education (12 years of schooling and 4 years of Bachelor’s degree). In addition to this, you need English language proficiency criteria i.e. TOEFL scores and an average 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (80% or more). Due to the COVID-19, many universities have waived off or relieved the minimum score requirements for competitive tests.

And if you are an Indian student wishing to study here, the USA Masters Degree will cost you around INR 9.76-75.1 lakhs. Keep reading to know more about the cost, top universities, eligibility, and process to apply for the masters degree in USA –

Here is an Overview of Studying Masters in USA-

  • Best Universities in USA for masters
  • Benefits of Pursuing Masters in USA
  • Famous Programs for Masters in USA
  • Eligibility for Masters in USA
  • Cost of Studying Masters in USA
  • Jobs After Masters in USA

Best Universities in USA for masters

Here is the table with the top universities in USA for master’s degrees with their rank and acceptance rates. Take a look!

#1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
#4Stanford University
#5Harvard University
#32UC Berkeley
#10University of Chicago
#20Princeton University
Highest Paying SectorsFinance, Executive Management, Airlines, Legal, etc.
#13University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)
#21Cornell University
#14Yale University
#23University of Michigan
Benefits of Pursuing Masters in USA

Indian students can choose from over 2 million courses of Masters Degree. Also, they have the option to earn through various aspects like a work-study program, stay back permit post-MS, research opportunities along merit-based scholarships to support their education.

Other benefits of this graduate degree include:

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Courses are widely available and chosen by students, which gives a 17-month work visa extension post-masters degree.
  • After the degree, students can apply for TA (Teaching Assistantship) or RA (Research Assistantship)
  • Masters courses are categorized into pre-requisites, core areas, and electives which increases the chances for pursuing a research-based master’s degree by 30%.
  • Students can avail up to 10,000 USD (approx. 7,00,000) for one year in any of the USA universities.
Famous Programs for Masters in USA

There are many programs offered to students who want to study masters in USA. Here is the list of some popular programs offered by top universities in USA -

Masters ProgramUniversities
Masters in FinanceMIT, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Columbia University, University of Southern California
Masters in Data ScienceStanford University, Harvard University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins University
Masters in Computer ScienceMIT, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, University of California Berkeley
Masters in MarketingColumbia University, Florida International University, Michigan State University, the University of Texas at Austin, University of Southern California
Masters in Business AnalyticsMIT, UCLA, the University of Texas at Austin, University of Minnesota, Michigan State University
Eligibility for Masters in USA

For studying masters, USA offers Visa related eligibility and University or Institute related eligibility. But international students may face Visa related rejections; Therefore, all the requirements must be completely fulfilled to avoid such circumstances.

Apart from this, students applying for a Masters program in USA should also be proficient in the English language. They should submit scores of IELTS or TOEFL, which should be more than 55% and 70% respectively. These tests are accepted by most USA universities.

Documents Required for Masters Admission in USA

It is crucial to know that the USA has an extensive application process for which international students must submit a list of mandatory documents. Take a look at the documents required for the masters degree admissions in USA -

  • Transcripts stamped and signed by HOD/Principal in a sealed envelope.
  • Mark sheets of previous college or school, attested by the HOD/Principal.
  • An up-to-date CV as per the correct format with the level of research undertaken or work experience.
  • State of Purpose must be submitted along with the application with details of the applicant, expectations from the master’s course, goals, etc.
  • 2 to 3 Letters of Recommendation are required online or offline.
  • Bank statement not more than 3 months old. It must show sufficient funds for a minimum of one year.
  • Health insurance for applying for admissions in USA.
  • Passport for visa processing.

Remember to keep these documents ready to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Cost of Studying Masters in USA

Pursuing a higher-level degree in USA is a big factor for international students but it does not mean it will be expensive. It depends on the university and region to choose. Other than the rent of an apartment, meals, transportation, personal expenses, and health insurance, there are other expenses you need to consider before visiting the university. These are one time charges and in a notably large amount -

  • Flight charges
  • Visa Fees
  • Application Fees
  • Registration fees of exams to study masters degree in USA

If the student has enrolled into an assistantship, then remember, they will be paid at the month-end. Till then, they have to use their funding for expenses.

There are scholarships for Masters in USA as well that can help international students save their earnings. These scholarships cover tuition fees and other charges. There are many governmental, non-governmental, and college scholarships available in USA. Students can visit the financial aid office and look for suitable scholarships themselves.

Jobs after Masters in USA

After the completion of master’s degree, students can get jobs through university partnerships with different companies or on-campus employment. LinkedIn or Indeed can also be used for the same. Another great option is annual job fairs. If the student is pursuing Teaching or Research Assistants, they cannot get a job before months of their program duration.

Popular jobs after Masters in USA include accountant, financial analyst, graphic designer, architect, project manager, Civil Engineer, HR Officer, HR Manager, and more.

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