Master's Degree in France

Bonjour, mon ami! France has created an impressive reputation for its tradition of excellence, amazing culture, interactive environment, and fast-growing economy. Getting your Master's Degree from France can prove to be very fruitful. Hosting some of the top world universities with affordable tuition rates, France has never failed to attract International Students. In fact, 9 out of 10 international students prefer France for their higher education. An estimate shows that more than 10,000 Indian students are currently pursuing their higher education in French universities

France also hosts various museums which provide a deep insight into history, modern art, and science. Students are often fascinated by these and it makes their study experience remarkable. The French Government has constantly funded and reformed the country's universities to provide the best possible higher education in the country. Many French universities have been ranked in the top 100 by the Financial Times and the QS World Rankings.

Overview of a Master's Degree in France

  • Reasons to choose France among the others
  • Academic Session and Teaching Patterns
  • Popular Master's courses/ programs for Indian Students
  • Prerequisites and Documents for a Master's in France
  • Job Opportunities and Career pathways
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Reasons to choose France

Apart from being a plethora of fun and adventure there are several reasons why France is the most popular education destination among Indian students.

  1. Attractive Tuition Rates - Since most of the universities are funded by the Government, the tuition fee is affordable in France.
  2. World-Class Academic education - With many top-rated universities and the Government constantly revolutionizing academics, French universities provide the best higher education for a Master's Degree.
  3. Research and Development - France is the hub of research and progress. France has the honor of producing more than 60 Nobel laureates.
  4. Best Student City - The capital of France, Paris has been consecutively ranked as the number one city for students. Other major cities like Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes are also very popular among international students.
  5. Study in English - The number of classes taught in English is rapidly increasing across French Universities. There are more than 1500 programs that are available in English.
  6. Opportunity to Learn French - French is the world's 3rd most common business language. Also, it is the official language of more than 30 countries. Studying in France provides an excellent time to get familiar with the language.
  7. Appealing Destinations- France is a top tourist attraction of the world. Students can enjoy their stay in France and also get to visit some of the legendary locations.

Academic Session and Teaching Patterns

Like the other European countries, France also follows the Bologna Process. There are three levels of higher education which include Bachelor's, Masters's, and Doctorate studies. In general, the duration of a Master's course in France is 1-2 years. However, in some cases, it may get upto 5 years. For each academic session completed the students are rewarded with 30 credit points. So a typical 2 years Master's program can earn 120 credit points for the students.

The Master's program in France vary depending upon the study format used-

  • Taught Master’s (MAs/ MSc’s/MBAs etc.) program
  • Research Master’s (MRes/MA by research) program

In general the former set of programs focuses mainly on classroom studies including lectures, seminars, much similar to the undergraduate studies. The Research Master's program is aimed at presenting in-depth analysis and research elements of the subject.

The academic session of French Universities begins in the month of September or October, depending on the program. So the students are advised to complete the application process from February to May.

Popular Master's courses/ programs for Indian Students

The French Universities offer Master's Courses in many disciplines like Agriculture and Forestry, Computer Science and Information Technology, Engineering and Technology, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Medicine and Health, etc. There is an abundance of programs for students to choose from which includes more than 392 M.Sc. Programs, 62 M.A. Programs, 51 MBA programs, and 14 M.Eng. programs. Some of the most popular Master's courses for Indian students are mentioned below.

Discipline ProgramUniversity Duration
Applied Sciences & ProfessionsLuxury Brand ManagementIPAG Business School1.5 years
Fashion ManagementPSB Paris School of Business1 year
International Food and Beverage ManagementESCP Business School1year
Business & ManagementHospitality and Tourism ManagementPSB Paris School of Business1 year
Economics, Data Analytics and Corporate FinanceÉcole Polytechnique2 years
Master in Business AdministrationPSB Paris School of Business1 year
Computer Science & ITM.Sc. Computational MechanicsSorbonne University2 years
M.Sc. Bioinformatics and modeling Sorbonne University2 years
Virtual and Augmented RealityInstitut Polytechnique de Paris2 years
Engineering & TechnologyBiomechanics and Biomedical EngineeringInstitut Polytechnique de Paris2 years
EUREkA - Chemistry of MaterialsUniversity of Bordeaux2 years
M.Sc. Aerospace ManagementTBS Education1 year
Humanities English Studies - Arts and Visual CultureUniversity of Paris2 years
History and Philosophy of ArtUniversity of Kent1 year
Film StudiesUniversity of Paris2 years
Medicine and Health Advanced Master in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical ManagementGrenoble Ecole de Management1 year
M.Sc. Cancer BiologyUniversity of Bordeaux2 years
Neurosciences University of Paris2 years
Prerequisites and Documents required
  • Letter of recommendation (LOR) - Students are suggested to submit at least three letters of recommendation. These can be obtained from a professor or work superior and should clearly provide an insight into the capabilities of the candidate.
  • English Proficiency Proof - Indian Students pursuing higher education in France are required to submit proof of their English proficiency. This can be through valid IELTS, TOEFL scores. This is not an absolute requirement and is subject to change depending upon the course and university.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) - A SOP describes the reasons for selecting a particular institute.
  • Certificates of Class 10th and 12th along with proof of undergraduate or diploma
  • A valid passport
Job Opportunities and Career pathways

France is an entrepreneurial nation where some sort of business can always be spotted. France also boasts the 6th largest economy in the world. Many MNCs like Airbus, Danone, Total, Orange and L'oreal have their corporate centers in France and it is the native country of more than 35 Fortune 500 Companies. Strategic ties with the European Union and many developed countries are known to bring immense opportunities for work to France. Students who complete their study in France are also eligible for a 2 year Post Study Visa. They can use this valuable time to pave their path to success.

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