Job Opportunities in USA after Studies

The United States has long been regarded as the "country of opportunity." As one of the leading nations with a robust economic structure, the country provides international students with a wide range of job categories in USA in all disciplines of labor.

Every year, thousands of overseas students apply for jobs after studying in USA, both during and after their studies. There are numerous job opportunities accessible for international students to pursue. This not only helps them comprehend the complexities of their selected business, but it also allows them to make money while working part-time. There are also numerous job opportunities in USA for Indian students accessible for overseas students to participate in. This not only helps them comprehend the complexities of their selected business, but it also allows them to make money while working part-time.

Where to Look for Jobs after Study in USA

Most institutions in USA do not offer direct campus placement services. They have a Career Service department that welcomes businesses to hire students as interns or project assistants. All of the leading institutions in USA strive for 100% placement, but not all students are fortunate enough to acquire a position of their choosing through the university's placement services.

Another alternative is to apply directly through the organization's Career page. However, this is a time-consuming operation because you must be aware of when the most popular jobs in USA are released and check each organization's page separately.

To address this issue, there are numerous websites available on the internet that display job postings by various firms on their page. Indeed, LinkedIn, Job2Careers,, CareerBuilder, Google for Jobs, SimplyHired, LinkUP, and others are prominent in USA.

Post-study work visa for jobs after study in USA

Under the Optional Practical Training (OPT) scheme, international students with an F-1 visa can stay for a year after completing a bachelor's or master's degree. For students pursuing an MS degree in STEM subjects such as computer science, engineering, business management, and so on, this time period can be prolonged up to three years. To be eligible for OPT, students must find work within 90 days of the expiration of their F-1 visa.

  • The employer of the students can convert F-1 visas into H-1B visas.
  • The H-1B visa provides temporary work authorization and is valid for three years, with a three-year extension option.
  • To keep their H-1B status, students must continue to work for the same company.
  • If a person switches jobs during the H-1B term, they must reapply for the visa with the new employer's information.
Job Hunting as an International Student

As an overseas student, your job search will be a little more difficult than that of a US student. Here are some pointers to bear in mind as you go through the procedure.

  • Start early

    This is great advice for all job seekers, but it is especially applicable to overseas students. It will take longer for you to locate work with a company that will sponsor individuals who require work visas, so the sooner you begin, the better you’ll get!

  • Research your situation

    You will need to understand the rules and regulations that apply to your individual scenario. Make sure you understand the visas you require, as well as the various options, timeframes, and potential expenses. The more comfortable you are with these concepts, the more confident you will feel when applying for jobs.

  • Take advantage of your school's resources

    Your school will almost certainly provide career services, and they will almost certainly have a lot of experience assisting international students in finding the most popular jobs in USA after graduation. Make the most of your experience by scheduling a meeting with a career counsellor to discuss your individual situation and aspirations. You should also attend employment fairs and talk to recruiters to create relationships. Also, follow up with them about possible interviews.

  • Network

    Approximately 70% of employment is found through good contacts. Take advantage of your school's community; speak with alumni groups that have gone through the same experience as you. Develop relationships with your teachers, as well as the parents of your American friends.

  • Stay positive and be persistent

    Job hunting can be tiring and discouraging. You may feel as if you're pushing yourself to the bone with no visible results. The most essential thing right now is to not give up. A positive attitude and confidence in your abilities will shine through in everything you do, and companies will want to invest in you.

Golden Rules of Job Hunting in USA

As with any job hunt, there are a few golden rules to remember:

  • Investigate the employer thoroughly, either through their website or by calling their offices and requesting extra material be mailed to you. Perform an internet search to see if you can locate any articles or other information on the company. The more you learn about the organisation, the greater your chances of landing an interview.
  • Recognize your personal characteristics, such as your strengths and limitations. You will be able to draw on these qualities in an interview if you can construct a list of them.
  • If at all feasible, mail your resume to the firm unless it specifically requests it via e-mail. This demonstrates that you have put in more work, allowing you to be more professional and innovative in your presentation.
  • When you send in your CV for a job, always follow up with the company. Call after 1 or 2 weeks to ensure that they have received your resume.
  • Always rehearse as much as possible before going for an interview when looking for jobs after study in USA. There are numerous excellent websites where you can practice simulated questions.
  • If there is no written job description, always request one, as well as a company prospectus or profile.
  • Wear a business suit to the interview, keep your overall appearance nice and tidy, and maintain confidence through eye contact and strong, firm answers.
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