Jobs Opportunities In UK After Study

The United Kingdom, home to numerous worldwide business hubs and the world's sixth largest economy, is the ideal spot for ambitious graduates to begin their careers. Aside from providing profitable possibilities, the country also provides world-class higher education through its internationally recognised universities. Studying at UK universities is thought to produce the most employable graduates in the world.

Candidates with the right qualifications, abilities, and experience stand a high chance of finding jobs after study in UK among the 32 million individuals currently employed in the UK. International applicants can earn up to 100,000 GBP per year working in the UK. MBA is one of the highest-paid degrees, with graduates earning at least 80,000 GBP a year in industry in the UK.

Popular Sectors to find jobs in the UK

Management, health care, aviation, food industry and the job opportunities after MBA in UK are all well-known areas to hunt for high-paying careers, but banking and insurance have surprise emerged as the highest-paying sectors in the UK. Because of their high incomes, the human resources, technology, and telecom sectors are also in high demand.

Many jobs have a weekly salary payout scheme, which makes them appealing to recently graduated students. They do not have to wait for their profits for the entire month, which has a favourable impact on their lifestyle. These positions can be found through a variety of web portals, networking sites, and publications.

Some of the popular sectors in various regions for finding jobs in UK international students are:

Industry/SectorTop Earner’s Annual Earning in GBP
Financial Services290,000
Energy, Mining, Chemicals, Environmental143,000
Law Practice136,000
Recruitment & Executive Search124,000
Technology & Telecoms120,000
Consulting & Professional Services118,000
Apps, Web, eCommerce113,000
Pharmaceuticals & Biotech110,000
Consumer Goods105,000
Transportation & Logistics103,000
Construction & Real Estate92,000
Media & Communication88,000
Retail & Trade77,000
Services, Tourism, Restaurants72,000
Sports, Culture, Recreation72,000
Public sector & Education67,000
Charity & Not For Profit61,000

The starting salaries of some of top ranked universities are as follows:

InstitutionAverage Annual Salary in GBP
London School of Economics38,000
City University London36,000
Cambridge University35,000
Oxford University34,000
Bath University33,000
Edinburgh University32,000
Durham University31,000
Imperial College London31,000
Loughborough University30,000
Warwick University30,000
Bristol University30,000
University College London29,000
Manchester University29,000
Aston University28,000
Nottingham University28,000
Birmingham University27,000
Sussex University27,000
Middlesex University27,000
Keele University27,000
King's College London27,000

Popular Jobs in UK

Despite the fact that each sector and job type has its own growth, certain career responsibilities are always in demand. These job opportunities in UK for Indian students’ roles promise a high pay scale offer and multiple prospects in an employee market. The following are a few of them:

  1. Jobs in UK in Human Resources
    • Average Annual Starting Pay: From 17,000-26,000 GBP
    • Job Profile: HR Manager, HR Executive, Resource Manager, Relationship Consultant
    • Top Universities: Aston University, Brunel University London, Durham University, University of Glasgow, Imperial College London, Lancaster University, University of Leeds. London School of Economics and Political Science.

    International students and graduates have an easier time finding HR jobs because of their exposure to other cultures, which is beneficial to multinationals and huge corporations.

  2. Jobs in Accountancy in UK
    • Average Annual Starting Pay: From 18,000-32,000 GBP
    • Job Profile: Fiscal Managers, Chief Accountants, Financial Controllers
    • Top Universities: University of Leeds, University of Bath, Loughborough University, University of Glasgow, University of Chester, University of Birmingham

    Accounting is the most important back office function that no small or large business can run without. International students are not afraid of tasks that need a high level of concentration for lengthy periods of time as well as precision. As a result, they are the ideal candidates for these positions in the UK.

  3. Jobs in Marketing and Advertising in UK
    • Average Annual Pay: From 27,000- 36,000 GBP
    • Job Profile: Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager, Key accounts officers
    • Top Universities: City University of London, University of Strathclyde, University of Southampton, University of Manchester, University of Liverpool.
    • Top Recruiters: Capita, SAP, Google, Adobe, Cisco Systems, SAGE.

    Any company's marketing and advertising divisions require the most go-getters and energetic employees. International grads who want to work turn out to be a valuable asset to recruiting firms. This field is continually in demand due to the increasing number of startups and competitiveness.

  4. Jobs in Investment Banking in UK
    • Average Annual Pay: From 43,000-56,000 GBP
    • Job Profile: Consultants, Portfolio Managers, Fund Managers
    • Qualification Required: Masters in Finance, or higher related education
    • Top Universities: London School Of Economics And Political Science, University College London, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University of Warwick, University Of Oxford, Aston University, University of Bath

    Universities in the UK also provide investment banking internships with some of the best corporations, providing international students with a wonderful opportunity to work for these companies.

  5. Jobs in Management Consultancy in UK
    • Average Annual Pay: From 33,000-44,000 GBP
    • Job Profile: Change Managers, Consultants, Project Managers, Strategists
    • Top Universities: University of Oxford. Oxford, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Warwick, University College London, University of Bristol, University of Bath, Lancaster University.

    Jobs for management consultants are becoming more common as businesses recognise the value of having a strategist on hand to monitor market trends. If businesses are to remain profitable, they must embrace change, and consultants can assist them in this endeavour.

  6. Jobs in Hospitality and Travel Management in UK
    • Average Annual Pay: From 29,300- 50,200 GBP
    • Job Profile: Travel Agents, Guides, Consultants, Planners, Hospitality Managers, Front office inchargers, Housekeeping Managers, Consultants, Receptionist etc.
    • Top Universities: University of Birmingham, University of Surrey, University of Kent, Robert Gordon University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Exeter, Oxford Brookes University

    The hotel and resort industry relies heavily on travel and hospitality, and all of the major companies have multiple openings. Apart from them, a number of large corporations engage their own hospitality and travel in-charges to run their in-house operations, broadening the career opportunities for job seekers.


Getting a job in the UK is not easy. However, there is no shortage of profitable career opportunities for skilled and talented persons. Internships in higher education can lead to lucrative permanent careers.

MBA, Masters in Engineering, Computer Sciences and Health services are some of the high paying areas.

Some of the most popular jobs in the UK right now are health professionals, finance executives and managers, programmers and software development experts, human resources and industrial relations officers, welfare and housing associate professionals, supply chain and insurance related jobs.
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