Career Development And Job Opportunities after Study In France

Often referred to as “The Gateway to Europe”, France has invariably been the top choice of those who wish to pursue their study abroad and establish a fruitful career. The country’s strategic position occupying the heart of Europe brings in much needed opportunities for trade and commerce. Students who choose France for their higher education are often rewarded with promising and persistent career developments. The highly developed and entrepreneurial country proves to be propitious for one's career.

France has long enjoyed the honour of being the world’s most visited country in the world. Also, the ever expanding economy and the vast cluster of businesses offer a vast variety of work domains. There are plenty of job opportunities and those working in France get to be a part of the country’s ethnic culture and splendid lifestyle. Outdoor scenic beauty provides excellent opportunities for recreational and adventurous activities.

Overview of Job Opportunities after studying in France

  • Make the best for your career in France
  • How to get a job in France?
  • Enhance your Career with tips by Superb Study Abroad
  • Job Opportunities after MBA in France
  • Post Study Work Visa
  • Language Requirements in France
  • Top recruiters of Graduates in France

Make the best for your career in France

France is the world’s 9th biggest economy in terms of PPP (Purchasing Power Parity). Its more than 65 million consumer market provides excellent conditions to grow. As a matter of fact, Service Sector contributes to 78.8% GDP of the country. France is also the homeland of many Multinational companies and was ranked #5 by the Fortune 500 Global.

With historic traditions of excellence in science, technology, business and art, students can plan to build a good career post completion of their studies. Major sectors of the country include-

  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Business and Management
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare and research

Popular graduate jobs in France

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Software Engineers
  • STEM professionals (science, technology, engineering, and math)
  • Accounting Managers
  • IT specialists
  • Tourism Management Experts

How to get a job in France?

French people believe in building long-term business relations, so the best way to look out for work is through some connections. Both professional and personal social networks help a lot with this. The best way is to let others know that you are looking for a job.

A reliable CV is a crucial requirement by the employers. Students with excellent academic performance and those with internship experience are generally preferred. Most of the educational programs in France require students to complete a mandatory internship. The internship can prove beneficial for developing corporate contacts and an outstanding CV.

Joining meet-up groups can help socialise with similar people, learn from successful entrepreneurs and know about job availability. Many well established organisations help students find job opportunities in France after masters.

Specialised Career Tips by Superb Study Abroad

Our expert team at SSA have provided some sure tips to enhance your chances for job opportunities after studying in France-

  • Always be on look out for jobs- Socialise, develop contacts and familiarise yourself with the locals and professionals.
  • Make a presence on popular French employment engines like Option Carriere, Jobted and Trovit.
  • Learning French can add significant benefits for you to be hired.
  • Participate in Social Work and Internships- These add work experience, help gain trust and make a brilliant portfolio.
  • Being in major cities like Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux etc. increases the chances to find work.
Job Opportunities after MBA in France

French MBA graduates are known to earn the most expensive paychecks only after Germany. MBA jobs in France led to a massive salary increase of 63-118%, as claimed by the Financial Times Rankings 2021. The best Business Schools in the country are known for producing highly knowledgeable graduates. Doing an MBA from France not only promises world class education but also provides the best work opportunities for the students.

Graduates with MBA Specializations are well paid in France. Discussed below are some top roles and their salaries-

PositionSalary per annum
Financial Manager€90,000
Accounting Manager€73,000
Marketing Analyst€50,000
Product Marketing Manager€67,000
Chief Risk Officer€68,000
Operations Director€85,000
Operations Director€85,000
Post Study Work Visa

One of the questions in the mind of the students is that “What opportunities are available after doing a Master’s from France”? Graduates who have completed their Master’s from France are eligible to apply for a 2 year post study work permit and temporary residence. In those 2 years, students can gain a practical sense of their field and develop deep insights for work. The period of work permit can later be expanded based on the candidate’s performance. There are many high paying jobs for postgraduates in France. However, students who pursue their Bachelor’s in France are eligible for the work permit if they are able to provide proof of employment.

Language Requirements in France

French, Spanish and English are the languages of common use in France. Most jobs can be done by knowing only English. However, some positions can still require you to provide proof of French fluency. Most MNCs use English for their operations but knowing French open the doors to new horizons. Since France is the third most common business language and official language of 30+ countries, it can add many benefits to your CV.

Top Recruiters of Graduates in France
Recruiters/ Corporation
Groupe Banque Populaire
Air France-KLM
Lyondell Basell
McKinsey & Co
Societe Generale AM

Most of the job opportunities in France are for manufacturing, retail trade, professional services, and management positions. Finding a job after studying in France may seem tough but nothing is impossible. Superb Study Abroad proficient counselor assists you to study in France. Contact us today to know the process of applying for a study or visa and any other doubts; you may want to clarify with US!

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