Job Opportunities After Study In Canada

Students around the world move to Canada in hope of excellent academics and a better lifestyle. Most students go to the popular study abroad destination for completion of their higher studies and then decide to stay and work there. Canada is brimming with opportunities for students who are enthusiastic and hard working. The growing economy and entrepreneurial market provides excellent job opportunities to the new graduates. The laws of this beautiful country also make it easier to obtain a permanent residence and settle their. In simpler words pursuing your higher studies in Canada not only ensures a good job better also a lifestyle that many of us dream of.

Overview of Graduate Jobs in Canada

  • Make the best for your career in Canada
  • Popular positions after Post graduation in Canada
  • Popular positions after Diplomas in Canada
  • How to actually get a job in Canada?
  • Career Development and MBA Jobs in Canada
  • Post-graduation Work Permit

Make the best for your career in Canada

In terms of GDP by nominal, Canada has been ranked as the ninth largest economy in the world. The service sector has the major contribution to the GDP of Canada with a significant share of 70.2%. The human development index in Canada is 0.929 which is considered to be very high. Many established companies of the United States have moved to Canada due to the highly attractive opportunities for trade and commerce. Major sectors for work after graduation include-

  • Computer science and Information Technology
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • Health and Medicine
  • Data Sciences
  • Marketing and Administration

Popular positions after Post graduation in Canada

  • Primary Production Managers
  • Physicians and Dentists
  • HR Recruiters
  • Nurses
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Database Administration
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Marketing Manager
Popular positions after Diplomas in Canada
  • Energy Sources Controller
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Intervention and Treatment Professionals
  • Ground Transportation
  • Tourism Management
  • Interior Designing
How to actually get a job in Canada?

If the preparation is done correctly, getting a job might be easier than what most people think. In general post graduates who have completed studies from Canada are highly preferred by the major firms. The most important part for finding a job is to build reliant professional networks. These networks help gather information about career related activities and increase practical skills. Gaining from the work experience of other people can prove to be very helpful in challenging times.

Students are advised to take part in internships and meetings of groups with like minded agendas. Getting a highly professional updated CV is crucial for getting the right job. Keep all your academics in good display and exhibit your skills wherever you go. Keep applying for jobs that suit you and be in touch with the locals. Develop a routine to familiarise yourself with current market trends and respond accordingly.

Career Development and MBA Jobs in Canada

With world class business education and immigrant friendly policies, Canada has naturally developed into the dream study abroad destination for a MBA. The country offers many popular MBA jobs in both small and large companies. On an average an MBA graduate in Canada earns 125,000 CAD per annum. There are a large number of finance and consulting jobs in Canada. Top recruiters of MBA graduates with specialization in finance and consultation include Reos Canada, City of Campbellton, Meun Canada Limited etc. Pride Pak and Boduo Group of Canada are among the leading recruiters of graduates with MBA in operations specialization.

Popular positions for MBA Graduates include-
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Manager and Sales Marketing
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Consultation
Post graduation Work Permit

In Canada students are eligible to apply for a post graduate work permit after completion of their studies. The maximum limit of this permit is for three years. Students who have completed their diplomas are also eligible to apply for work permit with a duration of two years. This time can be used to kick start their dream career. The friendly policies by the government also enable the working graduates to apply for a permanent residence in Canada.

Superb Study Abroad is here to guide you at every step to make your study abroad in Canada experience a delightful one. Our best wishes are always with the students.
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