Computer Engineering

The goal of this course to provide the understanding of fundamental issues in Computer Science/Engineering, and to use this understanding to produce better efficient algorithms, protocols, and systems, as well as identify the inherent limitations of efficient computation. The area of research include data structures, optimum algorithm design, complexity theory, coding theory, parallel algorithms and languages, machine learning theory, cryptography and security, computational aspects of economics, online algorithms, and scientific computing.

The amount of data collected from sensors, mobile devices, social networks, and communication networks in our world has been exploding, and the pace of growth will continue to expand with exponential pace. This phenomenon is generally known as Big Data.

Data science is the discipline of studying Big Data, involving using mathematic and algorithmic techniques to solve some of the most analytically complex data problems, leveraging troves of raw information to figure out hidden insight that lies beneath the surface of data. It centers around evidence‐based analytical rigor and building robust decision capabilities, techniques and experience in research and applications of data science to prepare the students to become researchers and leaders in the emerging area of applied research and application.

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