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MBBS is one of the most reputed degree courses in the world. Young medicos from around the world pursue this field to get the prestigious title of a doctor. This field is ideal for those who are amazed by the functioning of the human body and want to help people by truly making a change in their lives. MBBS degree also offers the freedom to choose from vast specializations like cardiology, oncology, neurosurgery, biomedical engineering and pharmacy etc.

After the unprecedented Covid-19, the whole world is eyeing medicine practitioners with a ray of hope. With the ever increasing competition it can be quite difficult for most medical aspirants to make it to top medical colleges of India.

Nearly 18 Lakh aspirants appear for NEET every year, but only 70,000 are able to make it to their dream colleges. Pursuing MBBS abroad comes as a rescue option for the thousands of aspirants. Around 10,000 aspiring Indian students go overseas to pursue MBBS every year, a number which saw a steep rise of nearly 24% in 2018

Best countries to pursue MBBS abroad

  • Germany
  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Philippines
  • Georgia
  • Ukraine

Study MBBS abroad in Germany

Germany has a world wide reputation as the best country to study medicine in the world. The top quality education by the German universities and a world class healthcare system, undoubtedly makes the experience hard to forget. The duration for MBBS in Germany is 6 years and 3 months spawned over 10 semesters and a training period of 15 months. The first four semesters comprise the preclinical curriculum and the rest 6 semesters are for clinical teaching.

Pursuing MBBS in Germany requires one to have a fluent command over the German language. The country not only offers excellence in academics but also provides a strong base for career aspirations and individual goals. Most of the Universities are recognised by the NMC i.e. The National Medical Commission of India. All these reasons make Germany one of the most preferred country to pursue MBBS abroad for Indian students. Every year many Indian students emigrate to Germany for their studies, making the environment very friendly and inviting. The tuition fees of MBBS in Germany is far lower than that of Private Medical Colleges of India.

Following is a list of top MBBS colleges in Germany to pursue MBBS abroad in Germany:

  • Humboldt University
  • Philipps University
  • Heidelberg University

Study MBBS abroad in Bangladesh

For Indian students, the MBBS programme in Bangladesh is a fantastic option because it offers medical training at 25 state institutions and 50 private universities. For Indian nationals, it is among the most affordable MBBS programmes offered abroad.

The lush Bengal delta, the biggest delta in the world, is formed by the confluence of the three greatest rivers in Asia: the Ganges (also known as the Padma in Bangladesh), the Brahmaputra (also known as the Jamuna in Bangladesh), and the Meghna. Both Bangladesh and India share ownership of the massive mangrove forest known as the Sundarbans, which is situated on Bangladesh's southern coast and is the Royal Bengal Tiger's natural habitat.

The NMC passing percentage of MBBS in Bangladesh, which is relatively high compared to any other nation, i.e. 27-30%, demonstrates the quality of teaching at Bangladeshi Medical Universities.

In addition to the quality, the affordability of MBBS in Bangladesh is a plus. Due to SAARC quota admission requirements, MBBS course expenses at Bangladeshi institutions are extremely affordable.

Indian students have better development potential in Bangladesh since 25% of seats in major private & medical universities are set aside for them. Moreover the affordable costs of living, authorisation by the NMC and high skill development potential make MBBS in Bangladesh the top choice of Indian students.

Study MBBS abroad in Russia

Among the best universities in the world are Russian medical schools. They have top-notch medical facilities, a degree that is recognised across the world, furnished housing, an Indian meal, advanced and reasonably priced education, and so on. Universities in Russia are the most inventive. Additionally, the majority of colleges provide discounted tuition.

In Russia, the programme lasts 5.8 years. For those who wish to study overseas, the MBBS programme in Russia is seen to be the finest choice. Because of the benefit of receiving a top-notch education at a reasonable price, it is regarded as the finest alternative. Medical schools in Russia are accredited by the MCI, WHO, UNESCO, and other organisations.

The government of Russia offers educational subsidies, making the cost of attendance relatively inexpensive. The demand for medical care can be met by students by obtaining medical insurance and care. Both English and Russian are used to teach MBBS. In order to facilitate communication with local patients, the students are well equipped with a basic grasp over the Russian Language.

Study MBBS abroad in China

Students from all over the world, particularly those from India, swarm to study at prestigious colleges in China. For many students, studying medicine in China is the fulfilment of a dream.

Over 20 medicine teaching institutes in China have received approval from a number of international medical bodies and NMC. International exposure will be provided to students accepted into Chinese medical colleges.

The main advantage is that there are few possibilities of having a visa rejected here. Students may enjoy their education hassle free as the crime rate in China is fairly low. MBBS programmes in China might last anywhere between 5 and 6 years, depending on the university.

Advantages of Studying MBBS abroad from the prestigious institutions

The following are some common reasons why Indians choose to do their MBBS abroad:

  • Every year, more places are made available at universities abroad that must be filled by international students.
  • Comparing the cost of MBBS study abroad to private universities in India, it is comparable to or less expensive.
  • Universities/institutions abroad are renowned for offering their students top-notch facilities, top-notch faculty, and globally recognised degrees.
  • Better ROI: Students are permitted to practise in the host nation after successfully completing their course. They have the chance to make a lot of money because of this.
  • In order to practise, students can always return to India. Students who completed their MBBS in another country just need to pass the FMGE, which is allowed by NMC, to graduate.
  • Financial help and scholarships are also available for those who choose to pursue their medical education abroad.
  • To help students who want to study abroad feel at home in a foreign place, universities and institutions overseas offer the utmost safety and protection.
  • Many colleges in medical universities employ English as their major medium of instruction in an effort to draw in overseas students. This again serves as a benefit for drawing in foreign students.

Fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor - Study MBBS abroad

Lack of counselling is the major reason as to why most students fail to realise their dream of studying medicine in top universities of the world. Don’t worry, We’ve got you covered, Superb study abroad is the only counselling help you’ll need through the process. Our services include college applications, visa applications, Fee structures, document attestation etc. Reach out to us now and get to live the life you’ve dreamed of.

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